• Annual Brunch


  • Pre-Champs Update
    . Dear Friends, Before you know it Champs will be up on us. I would like to point out certain issues where help is needed.
  • Founders' Day
    Founders' Day Wednesday, January 27 (Event) at St Jago High School
  • St Jago Watches
    . Article about St Jago Watches published Wednesday, January 27, 2016
  • Ravensworth Report | Week 2
    . Headlines: Rubgy Team Wins first match, St Jago gets awarded at annual CXC awards Quiz team wins first match.
  • Fundraising Brunch
    . St Jago Past Students' Association Fundraising Brunch Sunday March 06, 2016 @ the Caymanas Golf and Country Club
  • Edu-Village School Tour
    Friday, January 15 Zip 103 FM Edu-Village School Tour comes to St Jago January 15, 2016 Liaison Mrs. Armstrong This career expo aims to sensitize students about wealth creation on a wider scale, not just choosing a career, but to view job opportunities with an innovative and expansive approach. Students should know that the possibilities are endless. They should be able to see linkages between the subjects that they are doing and wealth creation.
  • Update
    Friday, September 14, 2012 PTA Fund Raiser - October 27 2012 On October 27, The St Jago PTA presents "Good Old Days." This is their major fund raiser. The tickets cost $1000.00.